the little cru is a space for moms, mamas to be, future moms. Offering advice for you and your little side kick, stories from other parents, and product reviews for your little one. I’m a mom to a two-month-old and realized that if I’m not browsing the internet for myself I’m searching for information to help navigate the new title of Mom. We provide real life advice written by real women, we give our writers the option to either be completely anonymous or reveal their identity, this is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE. So welcome to the little CRU! Have something to share EMAIL US 


  1. How do you add to Blog I’m a mom of two 8year old and soon to be five month old. Process of finish culinary school and taking classes to
    Open up a assisting living, which after I finish will be in the process of becoming a business own. Would like to Blog about somethings

    1. Hello shiquita,
      I am so sorry I am just getting back to you. I am just seeing this! Send us an email thelittlecru@gmail.com and we can explain in detail how can become a contributor :). Looking forward to hearing from you.


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