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Monday, October 9, 2017

My name is Miranda, I am 29 years old and mommy of princess Blaire Logan currently residing in Washington, DC and I work as a government consultant. 

How old is your little one?
She turned 1 year on October 6th (Wow! It’s already been a year.) 

What were some of your first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant? Have those thoughts changed since becoming a mom?

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so nervous and a little bit of upset that I was having a child before marriage. I grew up in the church, so I thought about what people would say. Then I remembered this is not about them, this is about me and MY child, MY family. I even lost one or two friends who did not agree with my decision to become a mother.
At the age of 28 then, I had fast-tracked in my career and I was making great money, so that was not an issue and I knew I would be able to financially support my child. I was also upset that my daughter would not be born into a married two-parent home like I did, so I felt like I was making her a statistic and it was unfair.
Have my thoughts changed? …The last thing on my mind now that I’ve become a mom is the opinion of another person. I am an amazing mother and I give 1000% percent when it comes to her. In regards, to my career having my daughter was the best thing I have done for my career, she has given me the drive I never knew I needed. I have already advanced in my career, secured a position that works well around her schedule and I have continued my education flawlessly. Everything I do is for my daughter and I know every decision made will affect her and with that in mind, I do my very best in everything I do.

You made pregnancy look so easy, what were some of your tricks when it came to styling your bump?

I made pregnancy look so easy because my pregnancy was easy! I had no issues or complications, I exercised often and worked up until my due date. Monday through Friday, 8-4 pm wrap dresses were my best friend, as my bump grew I could easily adjust and continued to wear them for the duration of my pregnancy. The material was usually light and stretched so it was great to wear during the long summer months. Basically, anything that stretched was my go to, whether dressing up or down I was able to wear a bodycon dress, with a new selection of flats.  

We all need our "me" time, probably now more than ever. What do you do when you have time to yourself?

When I have time for myself, I am usually doing things to maintain my appearance (hair, nails, and monthly facials), travel or shopping for Blaire. I am also studying to become a lactation consultant, as I want to help every new mother successfully breastfeed their children for at least a year.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for your baby girl?
So, I thought I was going to be the mommy where my daughter was dressed up in designer every day. 

(What the HECK was I thinking) LOL!  That changed after a bad diaper blowout that ruined a $450 outfit! I really love to mix high and lows especially when my baby girl is off to daycare. On the lower end, I shop at GAP, Old Navy, Macy’s, and Zara (LOVE!) For high-end designers, I shop online at,,, and

I've noticed you have a little traveler in training on your hands, what is the most challenging part when it comes to traveling with a baby?

OMG! I love this question. The first time I traveled with Blaire, we went to Cuba for her ½  Birthday and I was leaving from DC to meet my sisters there who were traveling from Atlanta. I only owned one stroller at the time a $1200 Orbit Baby stroller that breaks downs into two parts, that was such a big mistake. I struggled every time I had to break it down to get on the airplane or in a car and the airline lost the stroller for about 5 hours. But, people are extremely sweet and would also assist me. People would come up to me as I struggled and asked if I needed help. My response: Here hold her! 
We went to Disney World for her 1st Birthday, I think I’ve overcome my biggest challenge with the stroller and purchased a nice inexpensive stroller that collapses into itself. Blaire has been walking since 9 months so, I won’t need anyone to hold her as I break down the stroller either.
Also, I always create a detailed list of things needed for Blaire and start packing about 2 weeks in advance, especially when traveling internationally, this ensures I have everything I need. 

Everyone wants to offer advice during and even after your pregnancy. What would you say was the best advice you received and use daily?

I think I’ve used different advice at different stages of my daughter’s life. For a new mommy with a newborn, I would say SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY SLEEPS and breast is best so breastfeed!  
For mommies at any stage of your child’s life: Put your phone down and block out the world and dedicate time for just you and your little one. 

What advice do you have for your daughter on being a strong and beautiful woman?

When I first became pregnant, I started a journal where almost every day, I would write a letter to Blaire about what she was doing, how I was feeling, etc. One day I wrote a few affirmations/mantras down for her.

Every day I put her in front of the bathroom mirror and I say to her:

  •  I am Blaire
  •  I am Black
  •  I am Beautiful
  • I am Bold
  • I am Brilliant
One day, she will learn to recite these for herself and repeat them daily. It’s all about speaking things into existence. I just want her to know that anything is possible and mommy will always have her 

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