Diary: Finding out I was pregnant!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

June 5th! I will never forget the day. I woke up with swollen boobs. Extreme red flag! lol, that's never a symptom for me, even when I get my cycle. So I went to work normally and asked my pregnant co-worker what she thought about my little symptom. Long story short, we went to Walgreens on our lunch break and I got a pregnancy test. I took the test in the bathroom at my job. There were two lines!! I was happy, but in shock! I was literally screaming in my mind. Like OMG! Me God?! ME?! I got home, went to the dollar store.... Got another test. Two lines once again! I said ok, it's real now. The all-day sickness started a few days later. I was so miserable, I was at work crying....continually running to the bathroom. It has been tough, but all worth it! ❤️ My biggest achievement these days is to eat something I enjoy and keeping it down. I think geez, this is one pushy baby! Even things as simple as watching people take shots of alcohol on TV or eating particular foods make me gag! I'm super sensitive to everything these days. When I lay in bed at night, I kick my feet in excitement and say thank you, God! Then I cry a little and sometimes regurgitate whatever delicious dinner I ate that day. I've always wanted to be a mom, I was just waiting on my moment honestly. I'm so excited and happy, I can't find enough words to express this immense feeling of gratitude. I am almost 21 weeks to date. It will all become real, Feb 9th,2018. I can't wait to meet my baby and talk his or her head off. I have so much say and tell. 😊God is good.❤️ 


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