What to pack in your hospital bag

Friday, September 22, 2017

The month before your delivery date you will start to think about everything you need to do to prepare for your new member. You may not have control over when and where your water breaks or the type of delivery you have, but the one thing you can do is have a bag packed ahead of time. There is no need to over pack for your 48-72 hr stay so we have compiled a list of essentials for your special day.  


The first day you check in, when you are in labor the last thing you are going to want to see is clothes, you may barely want anyone touching you. Once your little one comes you are going to want to be comfortable, get some soft pajamas or a nice robe and gown combination.  Take a nursing bra or a really comfortable bra to wear, because you will need it. You also want to bring slippers or slides to walk around in. Don't forget an outfit to go home in!

Mommy Essentials 

These are the necessities, the things you will definitely need for your stay at the hospital. You should stock up on soft granny panties as well and your pad of choice the hospital will also give you some to use,  you will be wearing them for a while following birth. Also, take your own wash cloths, soap (even though you are not allowed to use any soap on that area the first few days), toiletries, and your favorite face products. Bring a few makeup products, now this is not to say you will have the strength to put it on, but it's good to have a few basics around for when you have visitors or just feel like looking pretty. Most importantly your cell phone charger, camera, I.D and insurance card!!


This list is a little shorter because they will hopefully only be there a few days. The number one thing they need is a going home outfit. You can also bring your own personal onesies and hats you want your little one to wear. Also, bring some socks, blankets, and if you decide to get newborn pictures taken have an outfit for that.

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