Handling the Terrible Twos

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What is the hardest thing about having a toddler?

The hardest thing about having a toddler is keeping your eye on your child. At the toddler stage, they are so busy and they get into stuff soooo fast! You literally can't take your eye off of them. It scares me because something can happen so fast and they can hurt themselves. They can run in the street if you are not near them, knock something over, or climb on something. 

A lot can change in two years, what would you say the biggest challenge or difference is between having an infant and the toddler stage?

I love both stages because you learn something new about your child, but both stages have advantages and disadvantages. The biggest challenge between the two would be the demand for me.  It may seem like an infant will demand more, but honestly, a toddler demands more of your time. Infants sleep and eat most of the time during the day. With a toddler, you are focusing on developmental skills like potty training and education. Outside of daycare, I try to read my son a book every day, find extra activities to involve him, and other learning sources

You always hear the stories from other moms about the infamous "terrible two" stage. Now that your son is at that point do you believe all the stories?

Do I believe in "terrible two?" Ummmm....YES! At two, your child finds a way to get into any and everything, even things you think they won't get into. They are very busy. They are fearless individuals. I say fearless because they are exploring things on their own so they may not understand the consequences. As an infant, they were innocent and relaxing in their bouncers and play mats. Now, they are running away from you saying no!

Any advice on how you handle mommyhood with a toddler? 

The best advice to give someone dealing with a two-year-old is patience. Enjoy your "me time" when you are able to get some. Two-year-olds are very busy and active,  it takes a lot of patience. Also, for your child's sake, keep them active whether it's visiting the library with other kids, or activities that require them to interact with other children, this will help with your child social skills and development. Read, read, read a lot of books! 

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