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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The months leading up to the arrival of your newborn is stressful enough, so any help is great. When the time comes to do your registry or pick out the major essentials your baby will need it's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first baby. The first few weeks will probably be a blur, you will be running off little to no sleep, so you will accept almost any help. We gathered a list of baby essentials you will rely on the first few months, besides the obvious necessities like diapers and clothes.

Stroller/Travel System
The number one thing you need is a safe travel system. Most hospitals do not even let you leave without checking your car seat to ensure it is safe and installed correctly. Read reviews and research to see any recalls placed on the item. 

Look at your hospital stay like a vacation at a 5-star hotel, because once you get home sh*t gets real. Your baby will probably hate their bassinet or crib for the first few weeks or even months, they're used to being in your stomach warm and comfortable. When they go down for naps try to get them familiar with their new space. The safest place for them to sleep is in their own bed on their backs. 

This essential depends on the parent, some parents love it and some do not, out of fear their child will be too attached. Make the best decision for you and your sanity! 

These are great for breastfeeding moms or to help prop your baby up when they get a little older and are still unable to sit up by themselves. The great thing about these is you can purchase them almost everywhere and you can purchases covers for them that are washable. 

Whether you use them for wrapping your baby up or placing them on your shoulders or your guest shoulders you will need a lot of blankets.

Even if you are breastfeeding you will eventually need bottles, unless you plan to stay home with your child until they start solids. Bottles that prevent colic or ones that have air filters are a good choice, trust me having a gassy baby is no fun!

Baby Carrier/Sling
Great for moms and especially dads who want to get out the house or go for a walk without the hassle of a car seat and stroller.

You will notice when your little one comes home they may snort or sound congested, fluid gets in babies nasal passages during birth so it may take a few days or weeks to clear. As your child gets older they may get common colds or have reactions to vaccines, so a humidifier will help add moisture to dry air.

Baby Rocker
This little thing will be a lifesaver when you need to get simple things done like take a shower or do things around the house. It does not to be anything exspensive just something to get the job done. 

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