Why do we care so much about #SNAPPINGBACK

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I will admit toward the end of my pregnancy the only thing I could think about was, how much weight I had gained and how hard it was going to be to lose it. I was one of those people who gained most of their weight toward the end and I didn't even eat crazy. Now I sit back and think to myself, "why was that even on my mind at the time?" You are creating another life, you are eating for another human, your body is responsible for the growth of someone else. I enjoyed my pregnancy and even though the first four months were rough when I finally could eat, I indulged! If I had a craving I did not feel guilty about satisfying it. For my birthday I went away and ate like a pig and had the best time ever. I gained a total of 50 lbs while pregnant and by the time I had my 6-week appointment, I had lost 38 lbs. I weighed 178 in this picture almost 8 weeks after giving birth. I say all this to ask why are we so hard on ourselves?? We just had a baby! 
It may have something to do with the image of our bodies post-baby, all these women on Instagram portraying this altered image of what a normal post-baby body should look like, or the fact we haven't accepted our new temporary body, but it is okay. Of course, celebrities look good after a baby they have money to hire personal trainers, nutritionist, nannies, and a lot of free time to do whatever the hell they want. I am finally understanding and grasping the fact that my time is no longer mine, the free time you do have you  have to have to decide between relaxing and getting stuff done. I still have days I complain about losing the rest of my baby weight and I am often told to shut up lol. I have lost weight, gained a few pounds back, lost some again, but when I look at my baby all the pains, swelling, and extra love weight was worth it. As long as I am being healthy, staying active, and mentally taking care of myself, I am fine. So what if your #snapback takes longer!

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  1. Yes! More Moms need to read this and have this mentality. There’s a “bigger picture” than just snapping back. If we were less concerned with our bodies post baby that may help some women with developing postpartum.


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