My decision not to vaccinate my baby

Monday, March 26, 2018

My name is Tasha and I’m the mother of a 12-month-old baby boy named Prince Jovon. When Melia first asked me to share some insight on why I chose to not get my son vaccinated, I was totally stoked! The answer is very simple. I don’t trust everything pharmaceutical companies tell us and I believe doctors only do what they are taught. I personally don't agree with the idea of giving my son a vaccination which can potentially make my perfectly healthy and happy baby sick. Why put toxins into a babies body and make their body fight them off!? Then they tell you to administer Tylenol if the baby runs a fever. So that means, giving them more medicine. 
Babies are born so pure and natural. The human body is built to naturally fight off any foreign bacteria that doesn’t belong. These vaccines and medications only subside the symptoms while your body does the fighting. The vaccines that they are giving children are for diseases that are very rare! Ask yourself; how many children do you know who have had whooping cough? I can’t even pronounce half of the vaccinations, lol. Not to mention, the flu vaccine. They actually take a guess and predict what strain of flu we could get during the upcoming season. This year the flu vaccine was only 30% effective. Kids were dying from the flu! My son only received the vaccines he would need to get into school. My son has only had a fever once, never had an ear infection, diaper rash, not even a cold. So far, I feel like I have made the best decision for him ❤️

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