A year Later

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Wish I could rewind time and go back to the very moment I found out about you, just so I could relive this past year over. It went by way too fast,  My little angel, you are so sweet and happy, I hope that beautiful fearless personality never changes. Motherhood is tough it can some times bring you to tears, but it is so rewarding. The one piece of advice I have learned over this last year is find a good "village" you will need them. It's only natural to want to conquer it all by yourself and figure it out, but use those who extend a helping hand. I have learned so much not only about my child, but myself, my relationships, and even my patience. Cru, thank you for teaching me how to TRULY live! I love you too heaven and back ❤️ #365daysofCruz

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