Jerrika talks balancing her growing business and being a mom

Monday, November 23, 2020

The hardest job one can have is being responsible for someone else and their well being. Jerrika spends her time making women feel confident and beautiful as a makeup artist, she has created Mom Convo Mondays (MCM) a safe space that allows mothers to connect without judgment, sharing her recipes and workout journey, all while finding time to be a very involved hands-on mom. We got to chat about motherhood and how she finds time to balance it all. 

The conversation with moms has always been important, especially within the black community. When did you decide to start Mom Convo Mondays? 
I decided to start Mom Convo Mondays a little over a year ago after about 6 months of procrastination. I had been a mom for almost 6 years and noticed there were certain areas I excelled in and certain areas that challenged me in motherhood. I knew there were probably a lot of other moms going through the same thing and probably were too prideful to talk about it with anyone or just didn't have the support system/tribe to talk to. I want Mom Convo Mondays to be that outlet for them, for us.

How do you come up with topics to discuss each week? 
Most of the time the topics are from my personal experience as a mom, things I have seen other moms close to me experience, or things I really have no knowledge in, but it can help me and other moms in our motherhood journey. I also knew I wanted to keep a variety of topics from ones we may be comfortable with like, "Organization", to things we may not be that comfortable talking about like, "Dating as a Single Mom."

There is an unfair stereotype that when parents voice their frustrations it comes off as complaining. How do you ensure that’s MCM remains a safe space for moms without judgment? 
When I created Mom Convo Mondays my mission was to have all types of moms come together to learn, build, network, and vent so that we could be ok with not being the "Perfect Mom", but to strive to be the best moms for ourselves and families. As mothers we wear this cape and feel like we can never take it off, we wear so many hats, but I wanted to acknowledge that it was ok, to be honest, and admit we sometimes don't have the answers. So to answer your question the best way to make them feel like this is a safe space is by sharing my experiences so they know I am not perfect and this platform is helping me just as much as it helps them. I don't pressure them to share. If they want to share, vent, ask questions, or simply just listen, it is their choice.

What are some things you’ve learned connecting with other moms? 
Connecting with other moms has taught me that we are not alone, it's ok to ask and accept help, and that we are all learning by trial and error. Sharing experiences not only helps you but you never know who else it can help. Another thing I have learned is that by nature we are strong as mothers, but when we come together we are stronger. 

You are an entrepreneur, you curate MCM, mom, and still have to find time for yourself. What advice do you have for parents and balancing life?
Whew, I just got tired from reading those roles I have lol. The advice I would give is to manage your time, incorporate self-care, and give yourself grace. Managing your time means scheduling out each day with everything you have to do from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, making a note of the time and the duration. It may seem like a lot at first, but once you do this at the beginning of the month or week it will make your life better. Incorporating self-care is MAJOR. It does not matter if it is 15 min or an hour, but find the time to care for yourself. Whether that is prayer, reading, cooking, listening to music, getting a massage, seeing a therapist, we need it to refuel. Lastly giving yourself grace is KEY. Every day won't feel like a win and that is fine. As mothers, we are responsible for not only ourselves but for other little human beings. On the days you don't get everything done on your schedule, or you feel bad for screaming at your kids, or you stayed in bed all day, remember how many other things you have accomplished and that we are all striving to be better than the day before. 

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