Jermika Chambers owner of children's online boutique J²

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tell us a little about J2 and the idea behind the name? 
J² is a kids ready to wear brand focused on bringing playful quality clothing to children. I graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising, when I was in high school I aways wanted to have my own children's boutique. However, life happens and I pushed those dreams aside to be an adult. About five years ago my nephew was born and that motivated me to pick that dream back up. That also leads me into the idea behind the name. I have a twin sister who's name begins with a J and her son ( my nephew) name begins with a J as well. The day my sister decided on his name one of my close friends stated she would call them J² (J Squared) and it stuck.

I always have a hard time finding cute clothes for my son and it can be frustrating somethings, because I don’t always want an animal or character on his clothes. What does the buying process consist of? 
I have to agree with it being difficult to shop for boys, which is why I wanted to include boys in my brand. Before I begin my buying process for little boys, I study trends for men. I love seeing little girls looking like little girls and little boys looking like little men. 

I think children always have that one thing they love to wear. What was your favorite item to wear as a child?
As a child the one item I loved to wear was my Michael Jordan sneakers. I was such a tomboy as a little girl and would beg my mother for all the latest sneakers.

Do have any advice for first time moms or moms to be when it comes to shopping for clothes?Even though I am not a mother yet, my nephew lives with me so I get to experience shopping for him first hand. The advice I would give to moms when shopping for their children is to make sure you are choosing great quality when it comes to fabric. Children will constantly waste things so you want to make sure it can stand being thrown in the washer multiple times. Good quality is also important for play dates (especially little boys). They can be rough and fall or want to roll around and you want to be sure the clothes don't rip. I would also say make sure the clothing matches your child's personality, its best to let your child express themselves and feel comfortable. The last piece of advice I would give is to make sure their clothes can be worn multiple ways. We all enjoy getting more for our buck. For example, when buying a dress make sure she can wear it with a shirt underneath, without a shirt or even with a jacket to change the style. 


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