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Thursday, October 11, 2018

My goodness, I can't believe how fast my pregnancy flew! Yet with only four more weeks to go, I still can’t seem to grasp this reality from such a magical dream. I’ve heard soo many stories from other moms.  From morning sickness and weird cravings to the mood swings and the only things I can attest to are my cycle going astray, sore breast, and frequent bathroom breaks. I’ve had it soo easy that I'm almost afraid of how things will pan out once it's time to deliver and begin this new chapter called motherhood. I can say my initial fear of pregnancy was labor, but the closer I get to my due date, I find myself more anxious to meet my son. I don't think about the pain. I’m so glad that my perspective has shifted because although I know it’ll be painful, it’s the last thing I'll have to encounter before I meet him and that's just fine with me. The start of my pregnancy was just a bag of nerves and insecurity and just all around fear. My mom no longer being here was another tough cookie, but I knew deep down being a mother was what I wanted...but mostly what I needed. Her transition taught me soo much about myself, and the people that I carry with me. I think I’ve grown as a person, as a female and just as a ‘mom to be’ with this pregnancy and its nothing greater I’d ever ask for! I am excited about this new journey!

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