How did I know my baby needed glasses...

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Every time someone crosses paths with my one-year-old with his glasses on they either gush over how adorable he looks or ask me “how did I know he needed glasses?”. A few times I have been asked if his glasses are real or not, which may be the weirdest question.

I first noticed my sons left eye gazing inward one night while he was watching TV. I called his name and he immediately giggled and stopped. Although it was only the first time I had noticed it at 18 months, I could not get the incident off my mind. I was not sure if it was some new thing he had learned or if it was really something I should get checked out. After speaking to his dad, I decided to take him to get an eye exam. At the exam, he didn’t initially do it and the doctor did not notice. It was not until she gave him a toy with lights and saw him concentrating that his eye began to turn. Once he turned off the toy, both eyes were straight again. He diagnosed him with a mild case of Esotropia in his left eye.

He has perfect vision, his right is just stronger than his left and his left eye is also more farsighted. His glasses help straighten his left eye when focusing. His case is so mild that luckily he will not need surgery. He just got his eye patch to start covering his right eye for 4 hrs a day (even though I can only get about 20 mins out of him). The doctor believes he will grow out his glasses and his left eye will get as strong as his right eye. Initially, when I was told he would need glasses, I was sad because I did not know if I should have noticed it earlier, but the doctor assured me this is very common in babies and children. Also, the sooner it is caught the better. Adults ask me more questions about his glasses than kids, kids don’t care they think his glasses are cool. I love his glasses, they match his personality.

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