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Thursday, August 1, 2019

If you are a parent you know how overwhelming doctors appointments can be, especially a first-time parent. It seems like every appointment your child’s milestones are being measured and you are being told how far your child’s development skills should be for future appointments. I hate the idea of measuring one child’s milestone to another child. It can lead to unneeded pressure and can make you feel like you are not doing enough as a parent. The best advice I can give is to talk to other parents, ask them how they helped their children learn and grow, but always remember that every child learns and grows different. If your child is not in a learning center or daycare, schedule some time for play dates, children are sponges they may need interaction with other kids. Sign your child up for some fun storytime at your local library, it’s free and they can play with other kids while learning. Also if you notice a problem or something that’s concerning you, don’t be embarrassed to speak to a doctor. They may be able to refer you to a specialist just so you can ask questions. Lastly, don’t put to much pressure on your baby or yourself!

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