The Importance of a good support system

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A group of good friends and great support is important! There are times when you need people to talk to who won’t judge you, even outside of being a parent or parent to be. The biggest thing for new moms is finding balance and themselves again. Your life will never be the same, and everyone won’t understand that. Your friends without kids still want to be included in your new life even though they don’t have any kids, so make sure you’re making the same effort you’d like them to make when checking on you.

We have friends who may suffer in silence when things are going on in their lives. Friends who may be struggling to get pregnant, may have had a miscarriage recently, ones who may not be able to carry children, friends who may be thinking about having kids, but don’t know if they’re ready, and friends who are struggling with their new role as a mom. The biggest support they have is you, check on them. Ask them how they are, what’s been going on in their life, or just listen to them vent. Life is crazy enough, no need to go crazy alone. 

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