Mom Style 101: Suprea and Jett

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Has your style changed since having your son? 
Yes, before having Jett I always felt like I had to wear heels to feel sexy. Now, I find myself choosing sneakers over heels the majority of the time. I’ll pair a lace shirt with a pair of sneakers or an over-sized blazer, with a crop top, and some sneakers. And I, feel sexy and confident.  

Do you find it harder to get dressed now that your role has changed and you’re not just getting yourself dressed? 
Oh yes, it takes me forever to find myself something to wear now. When I know Jett and I are going to be out all day I go for comfort and casual. At this stage, Jett tends to spill his juice or makes a huge mess when eating, and I always end up with everything on me. So, I try to keep that in mind.

How would you describe Jett’s style? 
I would describe Jett's style to be colorful, playful, athletic, and slightly retro. When buying clothes for him I always go for basic items plain T-shirt in various colors, so I can have more options to match them with. I’m always looking for real tree Camo items or army fatigue. An ideal shoe for Jett is a pair of low top white air forces or a pair of new balance 990s.

I know some moms have trouble finding themselves after birth, did you face any challenges? 
Yes!!! And I, still do nearly a year and a half later. I have moments when I still don’t feel quite like myself. Right now, I’ve been struggling with balancing work, school, and motherhood. I find that I don’t have too much time for myself and sometimes it can be overwhelming. 

What are some of your favorite places to shop for Jett? 
Target and Marshall’s are probably my favorite stores to shop for Jett. I go to Target to find good quality basic items for Jett. I Love the Cat & Jack line they have there. When I go to Marshall's I go for inexpensive athletic wear Nike or Adidas. 

Any advice for moms trying to get their mojo back? 
Take your time! Motherhood is completely transformational, do not expect to have everything together so quickly. From my experience, motherhood can be tough, but so fulfilling. My advice is to be transparent throughout your journey, share your experiences with people who will listen, the good and the bad. Talk about it! Another important thing to keep in mind is that just, because you’re a mother now doesn’t mean you have to conform to society’s standards of what a mother should act and look like. You’re still the SAME woman just a better version of yourself! 

                                                                                                                       Same Slim!

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