Check on your friends with toddlers....

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Why we say check on your friends with toddlers...Parents of toddlers are at home with a little person depending on them to do everything because they are not at the age yet where they can entertain themselves. They may not know how to verbalize their feelings correctly so then comes the oh man the tantrums. Keeping them busy and active is a full-time job. Everything is no and you feel like you have repeated yourself at least at 100 times, they are restless and they do not understand why they can not go out and continue their routines. 

Our daily routines and the way we move has shifted.  Some people feel alone, may not have a steady income, and now on top of that have taken on the role of teacher. Right now we are in a weird space of uncertainty. It's almost like being in limbo or the "what now" phase we all go through. So be sure you are checking in on your loved ones.  

How are you keeping your toddlers busy?

Stay Safe xx

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